Enchanted Animals

Bringing to life the inner color of our animal companions.

Enchanted Animals is a creative project illustrating our pets, the pets of others, and shelter animals up for adoption. Each pet is rendered with fantasy elements in every scene. This project was established January 2017. Visit the blog of this amazing collaboration.

Pet Owners

Would you like your companion illustrated as a mage, princess, unicorn, or fighting a dragon? You can commission us to illustrate your pet digitally. We offer the art as digital printouts and/or framed prints. Contact us for more information and we will get to work! Discounts are given if you choose to merchandise your pet in our shop.

Rates: $10 off if you merchandise your pet!

  • $35 printable, digital illustration
  • $50 8x8" printed illustration (unframed)
  • $80 8x8" printed illustration (framed) with printable, digital copy

Shelters and Rescues

Is your shelter or organization interested in participating in this creative project? Contact us and we will give you more information and help get these animals a home! Merchandise profits of any rescue animal through this project are given back to the shelter in which they came.

Enchanted Animals Rescued (to date): 13

Participating Shelters and Rescues


  • Minka (Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin)
  • Bandit (Fetch WI Rescue)
  • Brite (Bay Area Humane Society)
  • Sandy (Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin)