Image by the lovely & talented Sarah Mielke.

Image by the lovely & talented Sarah Mielke.

The squad



Professional dingus. Expert snuggler. Freestyle lap runner. Eyebrows always on fleek. Loyal AF, as the kids say.



Padawan dingus. Wants your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lover of crinkle balls. Orange from head to toe. Basically a stubborn teenage girl.


I am an artist, designer, and photographer living and working in Madison, Wisconsin alongside my partner in crime, Tobias. I earned a bachelor's degree in photography from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and immediately dove into shooting weddings for a few years.  But, never satisfied in my pursuit of artistic education, I then decided to reenter academia and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison's graphic design program.

As a creative, I specialize in photography, illustration, brand identity, and digital social media design. However,  I continue to challenge myself, grow, and polish my broad skill-set and keep my wild imagination active.

When I'm not behind the lens or a glaring computer screen, I can be found hanging out with my furry creatures, watching nature documentaries, wearing unicorn pajamas, drinking coffee, and singing showtunes.

I just want to create and believe in a magical world of things imagined and impossible. Let's make some beautiful art together.


  1.  I adore pumpkin-flavored everything.
  2.  I hate shopping (thank God for online stores).
  3.  I've been told my doppelganger is Idina Menzel.
  4.  Macaroni and cheese is my favorite (sold it for 8 years).
  5.  We own a leopard gecko named Owen (is a girl).
  6.  Occasionally I make polymer clay figurines.
  7.  I've never broken a bone.
  8.  I'm terrified of possums.
  9.  I wish I could save all the animals.
  10.  My favorite font is Univers.